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World Stamp Show NY

March 18:  Just purchased a 20 Volume International with 99% Used and each page is covered from end to end.  The collector did not spend money on albums but he did spend a lot of money on Stamps.  Fabulous condition and great Cancels.  Especially strong in British and French Colonies.

Purchased 100 Scott Specialty Items currently listing on eBay

Just acquired Birds Collection

We just acquired a massive Space Collection with many varieties

We have started carrying new issues for many Latin Countries, let us know if your interested.

Lots of new British Material, Portugal and colonies and French Colonies just added

We have over 5000 items on ebay Check us out at

http://stores.ebay.com/DP38-StampsWe have also started adding many Topical items to our stock.  We will be posting a list of countries that we have a tremendous amount of Topicals between the years of 1980-2005. We have added an Online Store for our Topicals which we have already loaded some items to.  Many many more to load, so let us know if there are other items you are looking for and we will check our inventory.  Check out our Online Store at http://stores.ebay.com/D-n-P-Stamps

We have  been gearing up for WESTPEX and have added a tremendous amount of new stock in the Host Society Countries, all Scandinavia, unbelievable stock of Poland.  We have also gone wild adding new French Colonies, classics and post independence along with all French Office.  We hope to see you there.  We will have a show special for Scandinavia.

Just to let everyone know that we have aquired a tremendous stock of later material from 1980s to 2005 for many of the African Countries, Latin America, Portugal and Cols,  and Russia and associated areas.  Many of our customers requested that we also focus on newer issues and we have.

Just also aquired about 1000 Portugal and colonies covers and FDC, let us know what you need.

We have just acquired a large estate which consisted of collections that have been used by Scott Catalog for their pictures.  They are both Mint and Used varieties.  We have French Classic Africa with unbelievalbe rare stamps, we are currently breaking this down.

Also from this same estate we purchased British Africa (19 Volumes), Central America (16 Volumes), Middle East (8 Volumes)

We will be bringing this new material to our upcoming shows.  Please send us an email if you have specific requirements and we will be sure to have it for the show you are attending.